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Our lovely boy who we were privileged to spend over 10 years with. Despite his very bad start in life, he gave us loyalty, devotion and so much love and we will never forget him.


Charlie came to live with us on 14 August 1997, he had been living in a dog rescue centre in Sussex after being rescued from a dog fighting ring. He crossed Rainbow Bridge on 8 May 2007. He was a really wonderful dog, very gentle and loving and we miss him very much.
Until We meet again little man.
Alfie was only with us for a very short time but he stole our hearts. He had the softest of eyes and a heart to go with it,  he gave us so much love.  We too loved Alfie so, so much and are finding it hard to understand why/how such a young beautiful boy should have to die.  We are not sure when it will stop hurting but for all the hurt to have never met him at all would have been a much poorer quality of life for us.

Love and miss you always Alfie.

Poem for Alfie


We Love them so and time goes by – the days they slip away

Then comes that awful awakening they no longer share your day

We love them and we miss them so – for us they were there

No questions asked – never reproached – just eyes that said “I Care”

Those eyes have closed – the pain has passed – but ours has just began

We feel so sad – the hurt is deep and life has lost its fun

So close your eyes – look through your tears and think just for a while

That lovely face – those faithful eyes – and I bet it brings a smile

That’s how they would want it – though it’s hard to do

Think of the times – the happy times when Alfie walked with you

Memories are ours to keep – they help to ease the pain

They bridge the gap – and times move on – till we meet again.

Love you Alfie X

 Jake and Jess

Jake came into our lives aged 3 months. Jess followed 9 months later,aged 8 weeks.
They brought us joy and happiness and in true Rottweiler style, an abundance of intelligence, affection and loyalty with just a little bit of  stubbornness.
Jake was very handsome and with his long hair he would have easily made the front cover of any magazine. He was easygoing and content to sit for hours in his favourite spot. Jess was feisty and quick, especially when it came to pinching Jake’s leftovers.
Sadly Jake passed away and crossed over the rainbow bridge aged 10 years and 5 months. We focussed our love on Jess who, even in her final weeks, loved to carry wood and swim every day. Sadly, she too passed over the rainbow bridge 11 months after Jake. She was 10 years and 6 months.
The love we felt for them can never be replaced but the best thing we ever did was to contact Three Counties Dog Rescue to enquire about another elderly Rottweiler we had seen on their website. His name is Bertie and we fell in love at first sight. Bertie is friendly and quirky with a big personality. He has all the gorgeous qualities we so adored.
He has filled a void in our lives and we have made the most of every day we have with him. They don’t live long enough and are gone from our lives all too soon.
Jess and Jake we miss you every day.
Mum and Dad

My lovely Leo who had to leave us today after getting a blood clot caused by his heart problems, he was only 5 years old which is far too young to die and I am heartbroken. He was such a funny little cat who made me laugh and he will be greatly missed on my bed tonight.


Thank you for letting us have the privilege of sharing Tommy’s last years. He was not just part of our family; he made us a family. He gave us far more than we could ever repay him. Our noble, loving and loyal friend.