Regretfully 3CDR are having to adopt a Zero Tolerance attitude to calls after experiencing a particularly nasty one earlier because the family were out of our area and they wanted a puppy from our website.

This isn’t unusual ! We have also experienced bad language and abuse at the kennels recently which was very intimidating ! We were actually rescuing a little dog who was going to be put to sleep by the family because he was costing them too much in vets fees, and their vet suggested they bought him to us ! He’s now re homed and well and loved !

Please bear in mind we are a small completely self funded rescue run totally by volunteers with all the same stuff going on in our busy lives just like anyone else. At this point in time we are being swamped by calls and animals needing rehoming who have often been turned away by other larger rescues such as Wood Green, RSPCA ,Cats protection etc. Some of these larger charities actually pass our number on !
We would like to thank everyone in advance for their patience at this very busy time for all of us.

THANK YOU from all at 3 CDR