Merlin – Spaniel/Beagle Cross – 18 months old


Merlin is a smashing young boy with tonnes of personality. Merlin is an extremely active boy and he’s very clever. Merlin is proving difficult to home because most families can’t cope with his high energy levels. Merlin has been lucky at Three Counties because he has a one to one relationship with a volunteer who has been able to channel Merlin’s energy and turn him into a little star. Once a space is available Merlin will be fostered by this volunteer.

During Merlin’s one to one’s he has learnt many things. Merlin will sit and stay and he goes to his “spot” when he is asked to. Merlin is always a good boy when he goes back to his kennel and he will sit and wait for his dento stick to take off to his bed.

Merlin regularly goes to the local woods where he loves to sniff and meet other dogs. Everyone loves to see him and he’s always a good boy  for his one to one volunteer.

Merlin is a special boy who just needs to be understood and treated correctly for him to reach his potential. 

If you would like to sponsor Merlin by email please click HERE  or download the SPONSOR A DOG FORM