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Minty’s Story 

1-Minty - 6years

Minty is, as you can clearly see, a handsome border collie. He was rescued from a local dog pound where he was in danger of being put to sleep. He had been taken there after being found wandering as a stray. Because of the circumstances in which he came to Three Counties Dog Rescue, we cannot be certain of his background; we can only draw conclusions about the kind of life he must have had from his behaviour and how he has reacted to different situations while he has been in our care.

He has been at the kennels for almost four years and, we believe, may only be six years old himself. We think his past owner had mistreated him so much that he is still very nervous of new situations. He does not like to be touched around his head and has a fear of open spaces, choosing whenever possible, to walk close to a wall or a fence so he can feel safe. This makes us think that he had been beaten and probably kept shut in a shed or something similar.

In spite of this he loves to play with his toys. Being a border collie, a ball and his hard rubber chewy Kong are favourites. To the people he knows and trusts, he is a very gentle and lovable boy. When people walk by his kennel he runs to greet them wagging his tail, hoping for a game and then sits beautifully waiting for a treat to come his way.

Finding the right new owner for Minty is proving to be an extremely difficult task. As a direct result of the treatment in his last home during the first years of his life, he is so unsure of himself that he will need to be visited quite a few times and slowly get to know his new people so that he can begin to learn to trust them before he can go to a new home. Despite all of this, Minty remains a happy dog that loves his food and his bed. Living at the kennels for Minty, is clearly a better experience than his former home.

This is one of the updates sent to people who sponsor Minty

3-Minty 3

Here I am again, to let you know what I’ve been up to since I last wrote to you. I know it has got a bit chilly lately, but it was lovely having all that sunshine   until just a few weeks ago because that meant that I could do lots more playing than I have been able to other years. YIPPEE! Jim is here again … and that only means one thing … MORE FUN!!


I’m sitting very patiently staring at my tennis ball because I know that Jim is about to throw it for me to chase. I must concentrate very hard because I mustn’t waste a second – it is most important to bring the ball back to Jim in world record time you know. Because I’m a border collie, this is one of my favourite games. Go on then, Jim stop teasing me!

5-Minty 2

He’s playing tricks on me today. He sent me off to fetch the ball but only pretended to throw it. He must have done that as it is nowhere to be found… Well, surprise, surprise, there is my tennis ball in Jim’s hand, and I bet he thinks he’s ever so clever. (I am supposed to be most impressed!)

Jim is telling me that he’s heard that Gyll wants to give me a bath and to groom me. I’ll have to think about that. Part of me is looking forward to the grooming bit as I am very proud of my good looks, but I’m not quite sure about the bath! We’ll see – that could be quite a giggle!

6-Minty 1

I hope you have enjoyed seeing me play. Goodbye for now and please keep your best wishes coming in for all of my friends at Three Counties. We all wish you a very happy Christmas. Thank you for continuing to sponsor me and I’ll write to you again soon. Love from Minty. XXX.

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