Sammi – Border Collie cross – 6 years old.

Our beautiful little Sammi came to us because she was bought on a social media site. There was no interview, no home check and no cooling off period . Sammi jumped their fences and that sealed her fate. Instead of securing the garden better she came to us and I’m sorry to say that was 4 years ago!

Sammi is a lovely, friendly and bouncy girl. She’s attentive and knows some basic commands. Sammi loves her treats and once she’s run off a bit of steam she will behave well for them. When she comes out to play she is always delighted to see us and raring to go. Sammi has an incredible amount of energy and she never stops. Sammi is  a clever girl, only recently in the exercise area she was glued to a volunteers side walking nicely because she knew there was a treat in her hand and it was her’s if she was a good girl. Sammi is also very clever at escaping and climbing and finding a home secure enough for this intelligent lovely live wire is proving to be hard. Not all dogs like Sammi because of her energy and she can often be too much for them. Sammi never ceases to make us smile with her happy forgiving nature as one of our very long term residents.

Sammi is another dog we try to give home comforts to and bring into the office, however Sammi has different ideas and will run from room to room. It’s not very often that Sammi will sit and realx. She’s on the go all the time and she looks like she’ grinning from ear to ear.

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