Tess – Rottweiler – 9 years old.

Tess has been a very special case for us and she is proving difficult to rehome. So she has lived at the kennels for quite a long time now and we always make sure she has some home comforts and extra treats and fuss. Tess is a shy girl and does take a while to get to know you. Occasionally when playing Tess will may let out a “rottie rumble” that we are all used to and know is fine and just her. Tess may very occasionally put her mouth around your wrist if she doesn’t want you to leave. She is soft mouthed and this could be misinterpreted with people who don’t have experience of the Rottweiler breed. Tess really is a lovely girl and has the potential to be your very best loyal friend. Tess may be more protective towards one person. So no heated debates around Tess because this will upset her and she won’t know who’s side to take.Tess is in good health still and enjoys her play time and cuddles just as much as the next dog.

In general Tess is happy with her own company and loves a good sniff and trot around our paddock. She’s very affectionate and enjoys cuddles and she loves to give us wet kisses. Tess enjoys visits to our office and receiving lots of teats and she’s always well behaved for us. Tess will always sit nicely and give you her paw.

If Tess were to find a home eventually she  will prefer to be the only companion because she has been with us a long time. It may be a bit mind blowing if you have a busy household, so she would prefer a quieter one. Older children only who will respect her space initially 13 +. Tess’s came to us originally because her young owners had a baby.

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