Re homing within a 50 mile drive of Bourne Lincolnshire. Please check the mileage before calling to avoid disappointment.
High fencing required. Viewing by appointment only in between 10-3pm


Brendan – Old Time British Bulldog/British Bull Dog Cross – 2 years old

Brendan has come to Three Counties because of a change of circumstances.

Brendan is turning out to be quite a personality and a bubbly boy.

Brendan is very friendly and he appears to love everyone.

Brendan loves his play time and he enjoys chasing balls and running with them in his mouth. He’s partial to a bit of football as well.

Brendan appears to be will behaved and he will sit nicely for you. If you offer him a treat he will drop his ball so you can throw it for him

When Brendan gets exited you can often hear him making baby squeaky noises which is quite funny considering his size!

Brendan is a very big lad for his breed and he may do better with a family with experience of the breed. Brendan may pull a little initially on the lead but surprisingly he settles into quite an easy walk.

Brendan has come Three Counties with quite sore skin and eyes. His eyes have entropia which means his eyelids turn inwards. A very painful condition that he would have been born with. Three Counties are arranging his operation and Brendan will be pain free and have normal eyes for his future life. Brendan had sore skin and hair loss. This was treated with flea treatment and after a short period his hair is already growing back and will be as it should very soon.

We are told that Brendan is ok with other dogs but excitable.

We have no cat history. We are told that he is good with kids but considering his size and exuberance, putting him in a family with small children wouldn’t be a good idea. So older, dog savvy kids.

Brendan is a young dog and he will not thrive from being left too long, about 2-3 hours at a time and not on a regular basis.

Brendan will require a garden with 5-6 foot security.

We re-home in a 50 mile drive of Bourne Lincs. Appointment only

If you are interested in Brendan, please phone Gyll Mauchline (Between 9:00 and 17:00) on: 01778 440318 or 07708 589792. If you cannot get through, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible or  Email Gyll