Re homing within a 50 mile drive of Bourne Lincolnshire. Please check the mileage before calling to avoid disappointment.
High fencing required. Viewing by appointment only in between 10-3pm

Casper – Saluki Cross –  8  Months Old

Foster Care Update – Casper has gone into a foster home with 5 other dogs and he’s thriving and doing really well. He’s playing energetically and he loves to run and play with all of with them. Casper has started to walk nicely on the lead in a very short space of time and he’s gaining weight and growing at a fast rate. He’s changing daily and showing us what a well adjusted, sound boy he is. Casper is a very sweet natured puppy who is going to make a very loving companion to a very lucky family. Casper has now learnt to sit and take his treats gently.

Original Write Up – Casper is an unwanted puppy who was disposed of by being thrown over a garden fence at the approximate age of 16 weeks old. Even at this young age Casper had a nasty, untreated injury to the back of his head.

Despite Casper’s awful start in life, he is a very forgiving pup. He is a very sweet and he loves everyone he meets.

Casper loves to play and he will join in with a game of play bows with either another dog or human.

Casper likes a cuddly toy and he takes treats gently.

Casper is a skinny little pup at the moment. We hope to see some good weight gain soon.

Casper has a few little things going on with him which is probably the reason he was so callously thrown over a garden fence. His eyes are different to each other and his ears are at different angels. This is due to an injury which will have happened very early in his life. There is a self healed scar behind his left ear. This gives Casper a unique, endearing, adorable face which we all love. 

Casper will not thrive in a home where he is going to be left for long periods. Casper will need a family where one stays at home or works from home.

We expect casper to be fine with other dogs. We have no cat history, but because he’s very young he could possibly live with one.

If there are children in the family they will need to be 10 plus

Casper will need a garden with 6 foot security. We re-home in 50 mile drive of Bourne Lincs. Appointment only.


If you are interested in Casper, please phone Gyll Mauchline (Between 9:00 and 17:00) on: 01778 440318 or 07708 589792. If you cannot get through, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible or  Email Gyll