Re homing within a 50 mile drive of Bourne Lincolnshire. Please check the mileage before calling to avoid disappointment.
High fencing required. Viewing by appointment only in between 10-3pm


Foster Care update – Daisy is in a foster home with a lovely Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Billy. Daisy loves Billy and she is clearly a dog that loves human and doggie company. Daisy would love a home with a calm neutered male in the future.  We’ve had some lovely pictures and videos of Daisy in her foster home and they have been made into a video which is at the bottom of this page 🙂

Daisy is now gaining weight and looking amazing.

Original Write Up – Daisy has come to Three Counties because she was seen wandering in the countryside. A lady pulled over to see if she was ok and Daisy jumped in her car. Daisy wasn’t microchipped and she hasn’t been claimed and no one was near by who appeared to be looking for her.

Daisy is a smashing girl and we can see that she has a very upbeat, sunny personality.

Daisy arrived at Three Counties on the same day that Violet arrived, who is another lurcher type dog and the pair got on like a house on fire. We took the unusual step of letting them play together on the first day in our paddock because we were so confident that things would go well. The pair played delightfully. Pure joy to watch. Lurcher’s zoomies and play time are brilliant! This pair share a kennel for company however we are happy to home them separately because they have youth on their side and they have very adaptable natures. We hope this Daisy’s pictures and video show what a smashing clannish nature she has. 

Daisy loves her home comforts which we discovered in our office where she curled up and promptly fell asleep.

Daisy has come to Three Counties very thin and she is now staring to gain a bit of weight. Daisy should be as well covered as the next dog. A lot of people think that these dogs should be thin. This is false and they don’t benefit from being under weight.

Daisy walks nicely on the lead.

Daisy is going to make a super companion to a lucky family.

Daisy is still very young so she will not benefit from being in a home where she is left too long. At this age we wouldn’t want her left for more than 2 hours at this point in time.

Daisy will require a garden with 6 foot security.

Daisy will be fine with other dogs and we are sure she would like a doggie companion particularly another Lurcher type on the same wave length. We have no cat history.

If there are children in the family they will need to be 7/8 plus

We re-home in a 50 mile drive of Bourne Lincs. Appointment only

Daisy is in a foster home



If you are interested in Daisy, please phone Gyll Mauchline (Between 9:00 and 17:00) on: 01778 440318 or 07708 589792. If you cannot get through, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible or  Email Gyll