Re homing 50 mile drive of Bourne Lincolnshire. High fencing required. Viewing by appointment only in between 10-3pm

Roxey – Rottweiler – 7 years old.

Up date – Roxey is a smashing girl who really enjoys her visits into our office for play time with a cuddly toy. Roxey will sit nicely for you if you have a toy in your hand as well.  Roxey likes to cuddle up on the settee for a fuss and she loves her tummy tickles. She’s a lovely loyal soul.

Original write up – Roxey has come to us because she was a dog that lived outside as a guard dog with her companion who sadly died. The wholesalers where she lived had been compulsory purchased and the staff who were obviously incredibly fond of Roxey were worried about her fate and have turned to Three Counties to find her a home. We just want to stress at this point that Roxey was a guard dog only in presence and to act as a deterrent. She has a beautiful sound nature which was picked up on by the staff.

Roxey was bought in by a lady and gentleman who were clearly very fond of her. The lady has been taking Roxey for nice walks to the park and by the river where she’s been well behaved and she’s good on the lead. 

Roxey has led a simple life and toys are a novelty to her and she can be possessive and want to keep them in her mouth. It’s important to let her keep them or exchange with a treat or another toy. 

We have found Roxey to be a lovely dog who is very trusting and loyal. She’s going to make a smashing companion for a family. Roxey will have to ajust a little because she has always lived outdoors and Roxey now needs to be an valued member of the family who lives in doors

Roxey will need a secure garden. Re homing 50 mile drive of Bourne Lincs. She could be homed with another dog pending a meeting. Preferably a male although she would thrive as the only dog. We have no cat history. Children 12+

If you are interested in Roxey, please phone Gyll Mauchline (Between 9:00 and 17:00) on: 01778 440318 or 07708 589792. If you cannot get through, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible or  Email Gyll