Rupert – Labrador / Tiger Brindle Mastiff Cross – 2 years old.

Update  – Rupert is a lovely boy and really enjoys coming out to play. He loves chasing toys and running off a bit of steam. We are very pleased with his behaviour, when he first came in he was partial to the odd crafty hump. We had him neutered when he first arrived and this has been a huge advantage to him. The last few times he’s been out this behaviour wasn’t displayed. Very good progress Rupert 🙂 Well done 🙂 We have a very different dog to the one that arrived with us and we have worked hard with Rupert and we now have a much better behaved boy compared to the one that came to us originally.  Rupert is a very happy boy who loves everyone he meets.

Update – We bring Rupert in our office regularly (where’s there’s a settee etc) so he gets to experience home comforts. He thoroughly enjoys that and he’s a good boy.Larger dogs like Rupert tend to be harder to re home and these supper dogs can be over looked. Rupert just needs a chance to let his doggie bulldozer sweet personality shine in a loving home. Our experience of him is that all he wants to do is love you.

ORIGINAL WRITE UP – Rupert came to us because his owners had had a baby and didn’t have time for him any more. They didn’t want him around their new baby because he is a strong boy. They also said he had grown too big ! We collected Rupert from the the previous owners home with a very heavy heart as Rupert is the third dog that we have had from them. The second dog we had from them was in very bad condition and we managed to nurse him back to health.

Rupert is a very eye-catching handsome young man and and full of energy. Rupert couldn’t have a more loving friendly nature and is very attentive. Rupert just loves everyone he meets. Rupert is full of beans and does enjoy having a good run around and really likes chasing toys. We have found on one occasion when we had finished with a water bottle that the bottle quickly became his favourite toy for him to run around with and toss in the air! Lovely to see.Rupert is very very clever and he will sit and give you his paw and he will lay down.

Rupert takes treats very gently from your hand. Rupert  has huge potential to learn so much as he is a clever boy. When Rupert first arrived with us we had him neutered as quickly as possible because he had a tendency to hump. Particularly when out in the exercise area and he was excited. He’s a big lad and that needed to be sorted out. Neutering will often calm this down teamed with positive training. We will work with this and over time it will get better.

Rupert could be homed with another dog pending a meeting, preferably a female.  Ideally Rupert would be better as the only dog to start with. Older children 12+ purely because he’s a larger dog. As a young dog Rupert shouldn’t be left more than 4 hours and that should be preceded by a walk or garden playtime. Rupert will need a family who’ve had dog before and have had experience of strong dogs. 6 foot fencing. Re homing 50 mile drive of Bourne Lincs.


If you are interested in Rupert, please phone Gyll Mauchline (Between 9:00 and 17:00) on: 01778 440318 or 07708 589792. If you cannot get through, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible or  Email Gyll